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           JANET KAY


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                    Bella and Jimmy, long lost soul-mates, re-discover each other in a chance

                  encounter that will forever change their lives. Jimmy, however is already engaged to

                  marry Bella's sister, Veronica.

                       Heart-broken, they continue along their destined paths in life, journeys that flow

                 from the shores of historic Galveston Island on the Gulf of Mexico to the icy depths of

                 Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. Along the way, life confronts them with

                 devastating personal losses - and experiences that defy explanation.

                      Bella seeks solace through her spirit guide and visits to the other side of life.

                      The sisters, torn apart by their love for the same man, spend years locked in a

                 cycle that  fluctuates between feuding and estrangement. It is only upon Jimmy's death

                 that they begin to discover secrets buried within a past life they once shared together.

                 Secrets that may help them to unravel this bizarre love triangle.

                      Can they find a way to heal their differences and break free from the karma that has

                  haunted them for an eternity? Or, is it too late to penetrate the veil separating the world

                  of the living from the land of the dead?



     AMELIA 1868

Rose, a free-spirited young woman, leaves her fiancee at the altar of their country

church in Walnut, Iowa. Driven by forces beyond her control, she flees to the old

western ghost town of Virtinia City, Montana, where she feels oddly at home...

Drawn to an old cemetery in the mountains, she discovers a weathered tombstone

and begins to sob uncontrollably. Only two words are etched upon the stone -

AMELIA 1868.

Obsessed with uncovering the identity of this long-forgotten woman, Rose finds

herself transported back and forth in time between the life of a hurdy-gurdy dance

hall girl struggling to survive in the 1860s and her own sheltered life in 2011.

Her strange and intriguing journey becomes more complicated when a love interest

materializes and throws her off balance. Her life becomes a bizarre dance twisting

and turning between the past and the present.

Can she find a way to move into the future?


 Genre: Paranormal historical romance

ISBN: 978-1478193371            Pages: 272

Price: $15.95

Available at Create Space,, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, and many bookstores

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"Delicately crafted and finely woven, Janet Kay has created a memorable tapestry threaded with fact and fiction, past and present. Amelia will draw you into her world!"  Ellen Baumler, historian and author of Spirit Tailings: Ghost Tales from Virginia City, Butte, and Helena

"Janet Kay is a gifted storyteller who enthralls her readers with her brilliant imagination and alluring plot. AMELIA 1868 is a story you won't be able to put down." Stacie Theis, Book Reviewer/Beachbound Books

Cover photo by Anna Martineau Merritt, Misty Pine Photography


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